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VCP or Hyper-V Certification

How I became VCP in first place

It is never ending question I get from my followers and my colleagues. So let me put my thoughts on this. Before I do that here is the history on How I became VCP in first place. Back in 2006 my organization, one fine day asked me to attend VCP training provided by VMware. I had no idea what VMware was and I never used any of their product. But vMotion made me felt this product will make significant difference to Infrastructure space across the world.

Out of all the colleagues who attended the VCP training, none was so much passionate about doing VCP as I was. I always want to be different and ahead of time. I thought VCP certification could give me that extra edge. I started preparing for the VCP certification and started reading all product documentations. This process brought me very close to the VMware products. I started learning more about VMware products using various blogs. After watching these blogs I realized I can also blog my experience and I started blogging on VCP3 ( It was very interesting to know some unknown facts of VMware products through their documents and blogs. I tried to used the same knowledge within organization. Somewhere I failed and somewhere I was simply ignored. But this never stopped my passion to achieve something different. My journey still continues and I’m now quite familiar with vSphere 4.x and vSphere 5.x and SRM, vShield Product suite and vCloud director. In 2007 I achieved VCP certification. But focus was to do something different.

So now main question?

Shall I do VCP or Hyper-V Certification?

Please ask below questions to yourself

1. “Can you do something different by achieving VCP/Hyper-V Certification”

2. “Can you make difference to your customer/clients”

3. “What are your plan to utilize or leverage this certification?” I hate this answer “I’m doing this just to fill my personal development plan to meet my organization’s performance evaluation criteria” I see it is waste of time and money for both

4. Is your organization utilizing any of the products. Gaining hands-on experience is extremely essential to achieve advance certifications. So think of future. Once Hypervisor is in place, same hypervisor continues to be strategic unless organization is very big and have strong infrastructure team in place.

My Personal Choice

First gets hands-on hypervisor of your choice. Then start learning other hypervisor’s. Hypervisor’s are more or less similar in operation and slightly differ in architecture. Once you know the difference between them, learning become fast and interesting as well. Future is of multi-hypervisor. It is expected that team members know more than one hypervisor as mentioned over here. It will give you edge in current market. I prefer VMware vSphere simply because of strong online community and ease with which you can find help when needed. I’m bit partial here as I’m more focused on vmware product portfolio and know the entire site map of This could be also true for any Microsoft’s expert person.

Do what you like the most, be it Hyper-V, VMware or any other hypervisor. Then keep learning everything about the hypervisor you like and try to apply that learning to solve customer problems or add value to the customer. Never ever forget –> You will need minimum 6 months to completely understand any hypervisor. You can attend 5 day VCP training course and pass using other means in a month but this will never give you edge over hypervisor. Invest your time and reap the results.

Finally follow “3-Idiots Movie Moral”

Kamyab Nahi Kabil Hone Ke Liye Padho. Kamyabi Jhak Maarke Pichhe Ayegi

a.k.a Pursue excellence, and success will follow

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