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Vembu Backup Options

Vembu is Business and Data Protection suite is widely prevalent among Small And Medium size business and growing. It has almost all the features of any Backup Product available in the market. In this part: 01 the where I will discuss what are primary features Vembu offers

vBDR offers following backup options

  1. Image backup for VMware and Microsoft Hypervisor as shown in the screen below


2. Image backup for Physical servers and desktop. It is worth noting Desktop Backup software is offered free of cost which means you get a full backup solution for servers desktops and applications. So what is supported for application level backup also referred as Granular level backups (GLR)? Here is the list below Application-aware Backup

a) Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, 2010, 2007

b) Microsoft Exchange Server DAG 2013, 2010

c) SQL Server 2012, 2008, 2005

d) Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

e) MySQL 5.0 and later

f) Microsoft Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007

Moreover, this list is growing as we speak.

For GLR, you need a tool to do the restore. It is freely available and part of the vBDR suite. Software name is Vembu Universal Explorer. Installation of this product is straight forward. You can install this tool on any machine, but it is preferred to be on vBDR server itself.

3. Online backup which industry refer as “Hybrid Backup” is a part of the suite. Hybrid backup is more suitable to protect against Disasters. If the Datacenter were to be ruined by natural disasters, Online backup is your only choice to recover from me. Online backup is good alternative to local backups because they allow data backups to be secured off-site without hassles of shipping removal media e.g. Tapes

Vembu offers two solutions for Hybrid Backup. The Solution where you can replicate backup data to your own offsite/cloud is called as Vembu OffsiteDR, and the solution where you can replicate backup data to the public cloud is referred as Vembu CloudDR. Hybrid backup provides business flexibility to keep two copies of data.

4. Finally a Backup solution for SaaS like Google Apps and Office 365

By far Vembu chiefly addresses the most critical business challenges in data protection


Vembu offers RPO and RTO of 15 minutes or less. RPO term is fastly getting replaced with continuous data protection (CDP. Vembu by this definition offers near CDP up to 15 minutes. Let me restate it in simpler terms. If you wish to take backup frequently i.e. every 15 minutes, then Vembu gives you this feature. It would be hard to think of such use case unless it is a database or a large transaction application. On one hand will increase significant load on the back up server and on other hand it will speed up the back up process. Let me bring to your notice this backup is available for any type of backup e.g. Image, Application and file level. In fact file level is every one minute as observed during the handson on this product

Vembu Recovery Point Objective

For Files, RPO is Zero Minutes

Backup Verification

Automatic backup verification (ABV) is must feature of any backup product. Vembu is on par with all backup product. ABV is just one feature when it comes to comparing with other products. It is worth pointing out that screen capture is taken of all the VMs which are scheduled for ABV and email is sent.

Storage Repository

A Storage repository is a storage dedicated for storing your backed up data.

Before I explain what are the options for storage pool, let me start with the file system used by Vembu. Vembu has its proprietary file system called as VembuHIVE which unlike others stores data in chunks of 100 MB. This approach allows high write speed and maximum throughput. The architecture of file system provides efficient transfer of data over WAN for hybrid backup and quick restore of data during a restore operation. The VembuHIVE, a propriety file system ensures data at rest is encrypted and have numerous other features like version control and inbuilt error correction, compression, and Deduplication. The file system allows you to continue to add drives and chunks are automatically moved to drives which have ample space. It is a file system which halts for nothing.

The Following are the storage repository options available

  1. Local repository

  2. Network Repository

Storage Repository for Vembu

Please do not think Network Repository as NAS. These functions aren’t yet part of the suite. Network Repository is CIFS. You can create multiple repositories and manage them through storage management tab shown below.

Storage Repository in Vembu

You can add CIFS share, or you can select a local drive

Storage Repository Sizing

Vembu provides storage pool calculator here and as well in the backup software. In my opinion, it is a great start to estimate how much storage you would need for x number of VMs or x Size. The calculator shows a Duplication and compression up to 50%, though it can be argued industry standard is much higher, my opinion is, your mileage will differ.

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