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Vembu BDR Upgrade – Part01

I’m excited to start a blog series on how to upgrade the Vembu Backup and Disaster Recovery suite. If you are a regular reader of my blog you might acknowledge that fact that I don’t blog for sake of blogging. I’m always in search of Unique topics. The upgrade plan for Vembu BDR falls in this category and is only available on Vembu official website. To my knowledge it is yet not covered by any blogger. I’m taking this opportunity to walk you through the process. Also I always have believed that blogs are extremely helpful to those who have limited access to Technical support or those who have limited reachability to Technical support. e.g. Highly sensitive clients. So this series I dedicate to these people.

Little Introduction

We all know that software maintenance is a standard job for every Business. Some software release comes every month, and some come every year. But we don’t upgrade them unless it is necessary. There are some software update which has the possibility to make or break our business. For example Windows Updates. It is always a balance between Security and stability. If you are System administrator you will always have to manage this balance.

Today I’m going to talk about Vembu Backup upgrade. This is a series post where I plan to cover the entire procedure. In this post, I would like to describe various ways you can upgrade the Vembu BDR Suite. But before we start on technical details I would like to walk you across the Business case you must create for Vembu BDR suite.

Why should you upgrade Vembu BDR Suite?

The reasons you upgrade Vembu BDR suite could be on one of the below

  1. Vembu BDR suite has new features released which you were waiting. This is the best page to read what is new in Vembu 4.0.

  2. Few use cases would be when Windows 2019 is installed as part of your infrastructure. Usually, the new product gets supported in the new release and Vembu is not different here from others.

  3. When you upgrade your ESXi Host, the first thing you need to check is Backup server can talk to vCenter.

  4. There are fixes in the product which are addressed in this release. Here it becomes mandatory to upgrade VBDR.

  5. The Vembu BDR suite you are using is so old that it must need to upgrade to get better support. This is also a very simple but strong use case to upgrade Vembu BDR.

If you are unaware you can also request a new feature via this link to Vembu Engineering team.

So now we know the reasons why we need to upgrade vBDRS but it is also important to create the Business case for your management. The Business case is very important when you are changing some critical part of your infrastructure. Backup Product these days is considered a very critical part of the infrastructure and should be changed or upgraded with sufficient planning. The case where you must upgrade Vembu BDR suite should clearly identify the reasons.

For the sake of discussion here are a couple of points you shoud cover in your business case

  1. We have introduced Windows 2019 server in our infrastructure for the latest CRM product. This product must be backed up as earlier as possible. It is 3 tier architecture, so all these VMs must be backed up at the same time.

The normal argument we receive is “But then it means only for 3 VMs. Should we upgrade entire product. Why not take a backup of VMs using Windows Native Backup and Database backup using Database native backup utility. But we know it is not scalable.
  1. vSphere 5.5 was running for 3 years and as of today, it is out of support. The Virtualization team is planning to upgrade vSphere 5.5 to vSphere 6.7 and hence the backup product must also be upgraded to support vSphere 6.7

  2. It has been recently observed that many VMs are no longer required to be backed up and there is no easy to find out which VMs is taking how much space.

  3. For log truncation, we were using premium backup software which is the end of support next month and we must use this feature released in Vembu BDR 4.0

The following could be part of the Slide/Document to upgrade the Vembu BDR suite

  1. Vsphere 6.7 should be supported. The upgrade of the vSphere environment has made the backup to upgrade essential

  2. The backup report is also very essential to reduce storage consumption

  3. The premium product is going the end of support next month, the plan must be in place to protect the business critical servers e.g. MS SQL database. We must either renew the support or find a solution for our Database backup.

So we could represent yourself the following Business case in Single slide.


Stay tune interesting blog posts on the upgrade of Vembu are coming. If you think you wish to know them, please comment so that I can understand your interests and eagerness to know more.

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