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Virtual Machine Guide Notes -01

If you select a Typical configuration, the virtual machine hardware version defaults to that of the host on which you place the virtual machine. If you select a Custom configuration, you can accept the default or select an earlier hardware version. This configuration is useful if maintaining compatibility with an earlier version of an ESX/ESXi host is necessary.

Which type of disk is created when we create virtual machine using Typical option?

=>Thick Provisioned Lazy Zeroed

The name you enter is used as the virtual machine’s base name in the inventory. It is also used as the name of the virtual machine’s files. The name can be up to 80 characters long. If you are connected to vCenter Server and have folders in your inventory, names must be unique within the folder. Names are not case-sensitive, so the name my_vm is identical to My_Vm.

What is the minimum memory size you can configure for a VM?

=>Minimum memory size is 4MB for virtual machines that use BIOS firmware. Virtual machines that use EFI firmware require at least 96MB of RAM or they cannot power on.

What is maximum exact size of memory that is supported on vSphere5.0?

The ESXi host version indicates when support began for the increased memory size. For example, the memory size of a version 4 virtual machine running on ESXi 5.0 is restricted to 65,532MB.

How many NIC can you select while creating VM?

=>You can select only four NICs during virtual machine creation. You can add more virtual NICs by selecting Edit the virtual machine settings before completion on the Ready to Complete page of the wizard, or by editing the virtual machine after it is created.

Depending on the host version and the guest operating system, a choice of adapter types for each virtual NIC might not be available. In many cases, only one type of adapter is supported. If more than one type of adapter is supported, the recommended type for the guest operating system is selected by default.

The choice of SCSI controller does not affect whether your virtual disk is an IDE or SCSI disk.

The wizard preselects the correct default controller based on the guest operation system you selected on the Guest Operating System page.

LSI Logic SAS and VMware Paravirtual controllers are available only for virtual machines with hardware version 7 or later.

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