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VMware Horizon View Pools–Part02

Continuing from our previous post

User Assignment

Dedicated desktops

It is assigned to the individual. It means user gets same desktop every time she logs into view.

Use case for Dedicated desktops

It is recommended to have dedicated desktop if application cannot be published or it cannot be packaged. These application be could be user based license or might need huge memory/local storage. These users are primarily developers e.g. Visual Studio, Heavy graphics user e.g. AutoCAD, Photoshop, Google Earth

Floating desktops

This desktop is assigned for the duration of the session. After user logoffs, this desktop is available for other user. In floating pool, user will get different desktop every time he logs in, but experience do not change, thanks to Persona management.

Use cases for floating desktops

Highly recommended for shift workers where Business is operating round the clock, supports team are available round the clock. Also Manufacturing floor, library stores where multiple users will be using services randomly but will not be logged to the desktop permanently. It might appear to you now that you must enable logoff disconnected session immediately while configuring policy for floating desktop pools.

License saving : If you have 300 users working round the clock, you just purchase 100 VDI licenses. VDI is licensed for concurrent users.

Case for floating desktop becomes extremely weak if shift workers are just using one application e.g. a call center application and excel sheet. Both these applications can be easily published on RDSH host. Refer this post here which substantiates my claim

At this stage when you have made choice about types of pools and types of assignments, we still have choice whether to select stateless or stateful desktop. Point I wish to highlight, there no dependence on types of assignment you select on the state of desktop. Black & Yellow arrow below reiterates my point.

How do you make a desktop stateless? Every time you select linked clone deployment type you must make a decision on state of desktops.

vCenter Deployment

In vCenter we create a template for server deployment and this template is considered a Gold image. All server deployment happens through this gold template.

Full Clone

In full clone, full size of golden image is deployed. A like server deployment, this copy is unique copy. Only difference is template is based on Desktop OS. In VDI this golden image is referred as master image. Since it is full copy, same size of image is created. This leads to huge storage consumption.

Use cases for Full clone

These desktops are needed for heavy graphics users for storing large amount of files on desktops and sharing same files among colleagues.For users who wish to install customized software for testing e.g. developers.For software licenses which needs dedicated desktops. You could see there is strong relationship between dedicated desktops and Full Clone.

If you create a floating desktop you cannot create full clone desktop

Linked Clones

Linked clone desktops are delta copy of parent virtual machine. You cannot create a linked-clone pool from a virtual machine template, it is from powered off VM you create linked clone. Delta is difference between parent copy and linked clone desktop. Linked clone is assisted via view composer component which basically creates a replica of parent virtual machine and snapshot. All linked clone virtual machines are delta copies of replica virtual machines. This delta is extremely small compared to parent virtual machine size. However when you decide to make a dedicated desktop based on linked clone, your replica image becomes read only and all changes happen on OS level. With this comes an option of disposable storage and persistent storage. These options are not available in full cloned desktop pool settings.

Use cases for linked clones

Primarily to save storage cost. But as mentioned in previous post, xtremIO & Purestorage does this saving at array level. There are other factors and use cases for linked clones which I will be discussing in up coming posts.


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