• Preetam Zare

[vSphere 6.7] Interesting things I learnt this week

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Every week you learn something. I would like to see share and keep diary of myself and refer it in future. This is the only purpose of my blog.

Latency sensitivity for Application like Skype

You receive a warning for CPU Reservation when setting Latency Sensitivity to High, but not for memory reservation. VMware highly recommends to set memory reservation also to 100%. Without the memory reservation, vMotion will fail. If the virtual machine is powered-off, it cannot be powered-on until the reservation is set.

Is it possible to give full CPU Reservation to a VM

This week some ask me to give Full CPU reservation for Mission critical/Latency sensitive server. I did not knew that was possible. I only learnt. Here is litte screen capture for you.

Read here for further

Yes I will be migrating my site from Bluehost to Wix very soon.

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