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VVDs - Regions & Availability Zones Characteristics

Availability Zone Characteristics

It is isolated from the other availability zones to prevent the propagation of failure or outage across the data center. These are considered as 2 distinct data centers in a metro distance. The following could be the possible scenarios

  • Different Racks in single DC

  • Different rooms in a single building

  • Different rooms spread in multiple buildings

Characteristics of AZ

Outage prevention against loss of Power, cooling.

Reliability. It is a physically distinct, independent infrastructure. Each availability zone should have independent power, cooling, network and security, UPS, generators.

Distance between Zones: the distance between zone is short enough to get less than 5 ms latency and larger bandwidth (10 Gbps) between zones. You can operate workloads across multiple zones to suite your HA requirements.

The availability zone in simple terms is to protect against failures of individual components e.g. host, switch, etc. Having multiple availability zones minimizes the downtime of services and improve SLAs.

Region Characteristics

Regions serve more than one purpose

  1. To Support DR Solution

  2. Address data privacy laws and restrictions specific to regions

  3. Place near the service consumption.

  4. Will have different naming convention

The region can be in 2 different geographies separated by at least 100 KM

Latency, however, must be less than 100 ms.

Availability zone targets first-level disaster avoidance while regions is to protect against site failover



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