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What is Happening and has happened -11Dec

Last week I started a new blog series on weekly update around UAE/World. Though the title was ok I felt most appropriate title would be what has happened and what will happen. While it means more or less same yet I want to make the title more simple. “Happening” is the one which is scheduled to happen in an upcoming week and “has happened” is the one I missed to include in this post. And, let me point out I’m not biased against any technology if you wish to cover any of events you’re more than welcome.

What is happening

First of all, let me focus on what is happening in the weeks to follow

13th Dec Splunk: To Virtualize or Not to Virtualize – Register here

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You might get a chance to win Dream Lab.Register now and enter to win Xpress. You must be legal resident of United States to enter.

If you are a service provider then you must attend below Webinar from Acronis

What has happened

Seems like lot has happened in the past week which I missed.

On 8th Dec learn how to bring the Power of Enterprise Cloud for SAP Workloads Bring the Power of Enterprise Cloud for SAP Workloads

Under the Technology and Customer Demand category Nutanix Won CRN award. Right now C-Series (C220-M4S, 240-M4L, C240-M4SX) are supported. C-Series are Cisco Rackmount UCS family of servers. You may find further information is available here.

Comtrade Software has recently updated their SCOM Management Packs (MP) for Nutanix to incorporate support for MS SQL 2016, SCOM 2016, Citrix XenApp 7.11. This is the second update in less than six months. Comtrade is aggressively developing monitoring solution on Nutanix giving an end to end visibility which takes me back to my VROPS days. Please visit this page for screenshots and visibility into application level monitoring. Also, my experience in VROPS has taught me that monitoring hypervisor is only part of the solution if you miss application layer there is little merit in investing in monitoring solution. Finally, as in all case, you must start from business layer followed by the application layer, OS layer and lastly Hypervisor layer.

In addition to the post I did last week on how to prevent ransomware attack, Veeam also has shared their thinking on protecting backup data. One of attacking strategies of ransomware is to destroy backup data or make it unusable. They have posted tips on how to protect your backup data. Please go through, it is worth

Gartner has recently updated Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems (IS). It seems like I have failed to understand what is updated which I guess is a marginal update. Most noteworthy part of the report was how Gartner defines integrated systems and as end user how you consume this information. If you are a Technical architect you always referred to Magic quadrant to decide the best products for a specific technology. In this case, If I compare Nutanix with Fujitsu I believe the purpose is unaccomplished. Fujitsu is a pioneer in IS but it is address particular space, use cases, and supports only specific hypervisor.

One hand Nutanix started focusing on general infrastructure application but on another hand, it aggressively started adding features to scale up to most mission critical application. Probably IS definition still needs to mature (it is just my perspective). Due to this, you might end spending time evaluating product which is never going to meet your needs.

Since Gartner also released critical capabilities matrix for IS let me quickly state EMC, Nutanix and Simplivity has topped the ranks. So far I have never got interested to Simplivity after the report I’m very much keen to explore it. is that Simplivity got 5.0 in horizontal scaling which is followed by Nutanix at 4.8

Critical Capabilities Nutanix SimpliVity Containers 3.3 4.6 Baseline Criteria 3.5 3.2 Security 3.6 3.2 Data Protection 3.8 3.6 Service and Support 3.8 3.8 Data Services 4.1 4.9 Management 4.2 4.4 SDDC 4.2 4.5 Hardware 4.3 4.4 Stack Integration 4.3 3.5 Vertical Scaling 4.3 4.5 Software Defined Infrastructure 4.6 4.3 Horizontal Scaling 4.8 5.0 Hypervisor 4.8 3.6 Product Viability 3.7 3.6

The Year 2017 will be the year of Hyperconvergence?

I came across two articles which are in principle talking about the emergence of hyper-converged vendors in 2016 followed by the common vendor (EMC, HP etc) pitching the market which was dominated only by two vendors (Nutanix and Simplivity). Hence to accelerate their proposing, they choose acquisition path. Therefore there is the staunch battle between who has truly innovated HCI and who has acquired the capability. Who will sustain the growing competing will be a space to watch for now.

Furthermore, Last week the fortune reported A ransomware attack targeting the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) on Black Friday , as a result passengers got free passage out of it.

Nutanix Appliances from Lenovo

Below are The Lenovo Converged HX Series appliances and it fitment to use cases. The links provide highly comprehensive description of appliance which is also an ask of Technical Architect who are responsible for building Bill Of Material (BOM)

  1. HX1000 Series: ROBO environments

  2. HX2000 Series: SMB environments

  3. HX3000 Series: Compute-heavy environments

  4. HX5000 Series: Storage-heavy workloads

  5. HX7000 Series: High-performance workloads

In conclusion, Ransomware continues to be big concern as I was about to finish this report new method of attack came to notice as per threat post here

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