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What to look before selecting VDI Pools

Following are various design aspects I have brain stormed which will allow to see which is better pool for your use case. Apparently my view is, you will need mix of both the pool.

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Medium. User need to wait for his VM to come up. Less than 15 mins. Replication of VM is must.

Medium. User need to re-login again, process will be initiate new desktop if non-persistent desktop is selected. Replication of only user profiles is needed

High. Since it is server Farm. If one server goes down, user simple need to re-login again. Replication of 1 RDSH server and user profiles is needed


Need desktop management software for patching, updating. User profile management is not needed

Image management is simpler. Just manage Parent VM. User profile management will be done using UEM/Persona.

No Image management. Just ensure RDSH host are consistent in Size and application footprint **.

3rd party management software is needed for user profile management **.

No IP Address management. No DHCP server required


User login time is reduced. Heavy graphics users

User login time is might delayed unless SSD is used. For Task workers

User will always have to undergo login experience to RDSH hosts. For shift workers


For 100 desktop you need 100 license e.g. 100 AV licenses

For 100 desktop you need 100 license e.g. 100 AV licenses

You only license RDSH host be CALs or instance based.


No restriction.

Multimedia redirection. Audio/Video conference

No Multimedia redirection. No Audio/Video Conference. Very little scope for automation.**

Hope it helps the community, However this post is work in progress. I must say this post completely inspired from Scott Lowe (@Scott_Lowe) vSphere design training hosted on plural sight (@pluralsight). Other helpful posts (Post1, Post2)

Update (18th Oct, 2015): With view 6.2, Multimedia redirection, Audio/Video conferencing, Lync is supported. Persona management is supported. Difference between VDI desktop and RDSH desktop is decreasing rapidly. Now with 6.2 even 3D graphics is supported. Smart load balancing of RDSH host is also introduced in 6.2

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