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Working with Tasks and Events

Managing Tasks

Tasks represent system activities that do not complete immediately, such as migrating a virtual machine. They are initiated by high-level activities that you perform with the vSphere Client in real time and activities that you schedule to occur at a later time or on a recurring basis.

For example, powering off a virtual machine is a task. You can perform this task manually every evening, or you can set up a scheduled task to power off the virtual machine every evening for you.

NOTE The functionality available in the vSphere Client depends on whether the vSphere Client is connected to a vCenter Server system or an ESXi host. When the vSphere Client is connected directly to a host, the Tasks & Events tab is labeled Events.

Viewing Tasks

You can view tasks that are associated with a single object or all objects in the vSphere Client inventory. The Tasks & Events tab lists completed tasks and tasks that are currently running. By default, the tasks list for an object also includes tasks performed on its child objects. You can filter the list by removing tasks performed on child objects and by using keywords to search for tasks.

If you are logged in to a vCenter Server system that is part of a Connected Group, a column in the task list displays the name of the vCenter Server system on which the task was performed.

Filter Tasks for a Host or Datacenter

Filtering the task list removes tasks performed on child objects.


1. Select the host or datacenter in the inventory and click the Tasks & Events tab.

2. In View, click Tasks to display the tasks list.

3. If the Show all entries list and the search field are not displayed under the Tasks and Events buttons, select View > Filtering.

4. Click Show all entries and select Show host entries or Show datacenter entries, depending on the object selected.

Use Keywords to Filter the Tasks List

You can filter the tasks list based on any task attribute, including task name, target, status, initiator, change history, and time. Filtering is inclusive, not exclusive. If the keyword is found in any of the selected columns the task is included in the filtered list.

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