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Zerto Virtual Replication 01 -Express Installation (For Trial and Dev environments only)

In Previous post I briefly introduced Zerto. Here is now the beginning of installation and configuration series.

To start installation of Zerto solution you must download a copy for Zerto installer. It is available only upon request. Link is here

After you download it (just 345 MB and it includes .net) you can start installation. This installer installs Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) as windows service, plug-in for vSphere client and also copies OVF file to deploy VRAs

Installation requirement for ZVM

Can be installed on -Starting from Windows 2003 SP2 till Windows 2012R2



2 GB Free Disk Space

.Net Frame work 4.0 or 4.5 (comes with installation bits)

Flash Player for GUI (comes with installation bits).

It makes things really simple especially when you don’t have flash player installable easily on adobe website. Quite caring in my opinion

Express installation is preferred for Trail/Development purpose only

Repeat the procedure to install ZVM on peer site. This is needed only if you have vCenter per site.

Please exclude installation directory of Zerto from Antivirus engine

Finally check if the windows service by name “Zerto Virtual Manager” is started and set to automatic.

In next post I will be discussing custom installation

Previous Post

If you wish to follow entire series of Zerto go to the Landing Page


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