VVDS Project Background


First, what is VVDS? It stands for VMware Validated Designs. This is thedefault standard for all VMware Product design. VVDS Project for me is based on these design standards. VVDS today is designed for green field. But reality is VVDS came in to existing or as a standard gain more momentum only last year. So, not many Virtual Infrastructures are designed by these standards. I personally believe every IT Head would like to migrate or design Infrastructure as per VVDS. It is not possible for every organization to implement VVDS due one of the following reasons

  • They do not have all products intended by VVDS

  • They already have load of workload which they cannot simply migrate to VVDS.

  • Most of the organization would follow the middle path i.e. to bring the Architecture as close as possible to VVDS

This project is figment of my imagination. It is combination of past experience. So there is some truth to it. As a first step in project to read the VVDS and see where we can accomodate. During my past experience some decisions were made (right and wrong) and I see how these have impacted the Architecture. So in the past things that might have gone wrong, I will try to correct it.


I have more than one purpose of this project. The primary is to learn and share with others how to move towards VVDS. Second to know about the integration of various product and design decisions around it. Though the product covered in the VVDS I have little bit offamiliar but the design experience around this product is limited. I believe VVDS give you this unique Opportunity. 


I have following goals for this Project

  • I should be able to design and implement at the minimum vSphere, NSX and vSAN

  • I should be able to build migration approach to move existing workload into new environment.

  • I would like to finish this entire project in the following timelines

    • Design - Feb 2020​

    • Implementation - May 2020

(NB: Today I do not know where I will implement this project as I do not homelab)

  • Lesson learnt - June 2020

  • I will try to update the project ever week.

Company Profile

The fictitious company name is pmz.local. They are in to insurance business. It is company based out of UK. 

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